All you need to know about Regaine for men

What is Regaine for men?

Regaine for men is a medicine for hair fall of men. It contains Minoxidil, which is an active ingredient that increases the blood circulation on the scalp of the head. Previously a similar medicine was used for heart disease and came in tablet form. But one of the side effects was excessive hair growth. Then the experts invented the way on how this ingredient can be used for that purpose. Thus Regaine for men came in the market. In shops this medicine is found in two forms. One is aerosol foam and another is solution form. But the feedback of aerosol foam is much better than the other one.

The usage method of this medicine is to use it for at least 8 weeks, two times a day after each 12 hours. This is not a very rigid rule. Different men show different results in case of this medicine and everyone may not get the perfect output for their hair fall problem. It is approximately shown that 85% men are getting the desired output. But to be more precise 75% men get the actual steady growth rate as required. The result may start to show up within 4 months of usage and when it starts to show result it should be used for few months more.

Who should not use it?

Not everyone should use Regaine for men, as it has some side effects that might affect the user. If a person has an allergic problem with Minoxidil, then he should not use this medicine. This medicine is highly discouraged for children. Those are suffering from hair fall problem in front side of their head they are suggested not to use this medicine. Regaine for men only works on back side of the scalp. So, these are some facts that someone should know before they start using regaine for men.

Side Effects

It is very normal for every medicine to have some side effects. Regaine for men also has some side effects. Number one is allergic problem that is already discussed before and it will be occur if anyone has some allergic problem with Minoxidil. The medicine fastens the heart rate and may raise blood pressure. So, chest pain may occur when someone take this medicine. Very fast or irregular heartbeats are also another possibility. Sometime headache becomes a big problem. It can also cause dizziness or lightheadedness. In some rare case, the user may faint after using the product and the final one is skin problem such as itching, redness, dryness or flaking on the scalp. If anyone is experiencing such side effects then he should consult with his permanent doctor or a specialist and follow their prescription for getting better. So, the smart choice is to consult with a doctor before you start using it.

Who cannot use it?

As we have gone through the side effects we can say, those who are suffering from heart disease, skin irritation or facial hair problems should not use it without their doctor’s permission. The main thing is to follow the prescription. Although it is suggested for men, if any woman is using it for better hair growth and is feeding her children breast milk then she should stop immediately and not use it as long as she continues to nurse a child.

So, consult with your doctor before you start to use regaine for men and if your doctor gives you the green light, use it and get your desired result in no time and get a head full of beautiful healthy hair.