Phytotherapia was the first known way of treatments. Even now, in time of unprecedented development of pharmaceutical industry, issuing thousands of artificially created medicines, the scientists remember about the potions from mother-nature, curing almost any disease.

Pleases the eye and treats the illness

For example, looking for some efficient drugs for the treatment of diabetes, the medical paid their attention to the antihyperglycemic properties of well-known and beloved plant – lilac.

With age, people often gain overweight for some reason. However, they may even ignore this unpleasant fact until they get the health problems. Neither mirror reflection nor the necessity to buy looser clothes assures them. Unfortunately, obesity has a bad habit to bring some other (or even a couple) diseases with it.

For example, such a disease as type-2 diabetes is most common for the overweight people. To cure diabetes, you should start with losing weight. In addition to the diet and physical exercises you should probably take medicines, lowering your blood sugar level.

Don’t overload yourself

Metformin is successfully used for the treatment of type-2 diabetes. It helps to normalize blood glucose levels quite fast. At that, this drug is notable for its soft action on the body.

The advantages of Metformin include its natural origin- it is extracted from the flowers of plant, called lilac.

Another important advantage of Metformin is its ability to reduce cholesterol, which can be too high by overweight.

To increase the drug’s efficiency, it is necessary to combine it with the diet and possible physical activity. However, you should not over try, as the intensive glucose expenditure by the body influenced by physical activity can cause the a sharp drop in blood sugar level, and the body doesn’t need these ‘roller-coaster’.

You should lose weight wisely

You can buy antihyperglycemic drug Metformin, using the Internet services of specialized sites. The medicine can be ordered according to the necessary dosage (Metformin 500, Metformin 850, Metformin 1000). The instruction attached to Metformin will acquaint you with the properties of this and the features of its use.

It is important to remember, that it must be used only for the treatment of type-2 diabetes, as it doesn’t influence the insulin production in pancreas.

One of the interesting features of Metformin is its ability to significantly reduce appetite. Sometimes it can be useful for those who wish to lose a few extra pounds. It must be made under the supervision of a doctor, as Metformin is not a harmless substance, but the drug, reducing the amount of glucose in blood. So, if you don’t want to collapse in the street from hypoglycemia attack- don’t risk and don’t even think about self-treatment.