Save Time with an Online Consultation

In the age of technological advancements, our daily routines are constantly being refined to take advantage of the digital world. One area that has seen some contention, however, is the proposition of online doctor consultations. Why? Because even doctors themselves don’t seem to understand exactly what they entail. This is unfortunate, as digital consultations have many advantages for patients. Raising awareness about the advantages of an online consultation is the first step toward implementing this innovative system nationwide.

Why should I have an online consultation with my Doctor? 

  • Less wasted time

One of the major problems most individuals have with booking routine doctor’s appointments is making a time that can fit around both work and parental commitments. Often, patients are required to take at least half a day off work to accommodate a measly ten minute appointment. This could be eliminated by allowing patients to have consultations from the comfort of their own homes via Skype.

Additionally, many of the questions doctors ask repeat patients on annual visits are repetitive and time consuming. By giving patients online questionnaires to fill out, much of the appointment preamble could be removed. Many patients would even find that there was no need to book a face-to-face appointment and save themselves the trouble. 

  • Suitable for parents with poor mobility

Less and less doctors are willing to make home visits these days, as they are inconvenient and not cost effective. However, parents with children or people with mobility problems will know how difficult it can be to make it to the doctor’s office and sit around in the waiting room indefinitely. With online consultations, patients would be able to remain calm and comfortable in their own homes while waiting to be seen to by the doctor.

This initiative would also remove some of the concerns faced by immunocompromised patients who risk exposure to infection when around other sick individuals at the doctor’s office. 

  • Frees up emergency rooms

Emergency rooms around the nation are constantly overloaded, leading to a less rich doctor/patient dialogue. Many patients in emergency do not need to be there. If these patients were able to consult a doctor via an online system, many would be happy to leave the emergency room available for people with more serious or life-threatening ailments.

In our rapidly progressing world, it’s only sensible that we reassess the relationship between doctors and their patients. While face-to-face visits will always be important, both time and stress on the part of the patient could be avoided by implementing an effective online consultations system.