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Rxpharmacyshop.com customer reviews

Rxpharmacyshop.com is an online medical shop that has been operating since 2004. I visited Rxpharmacyshop.com to find cheap options for drugs containing sildenafil citrate. I chose this option since I did not have my health insurance and I needed some other medications for Erectile dysfunction. In the ‘About us’ section, I found out that Rxpharmacyshop.com specialized on selling most brand medicines as well as some generic drugs. Rxpharmacyshop.com has supply centers based in various places in the world such as India, Singapore, Russia and Hong Kong. This website contains drugs dedicated to addressing the erectile dysfunction problem as well as other related problems. The site provides different categories of medications such as:

  • Best Sellers drugs,
  • Women’s Health related meds,
  • Erectile Dysfunction medicines,
  • Eye Care drugs,
  • Weight Loss drugs,
  • Smart Drugs and
  • Hair Loss medications.

The pricing of Rxpharmacyshop.com is very fair. I discovered that ten pills of 100mg generic Viagra cost $25.40 only. The brand version of Viagra, commonly called Pfizer, retails for $33.50. Users who need generic drugs like Cialis have the option of buying Tadalafil which is $69.60 only. Here, one gets 20 tablets of Tadalafil. I also found out that all drugs sold in Rxpharmacyshop.com have passed a Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) approval from their manufacturing country.

Upon visiting Rxpharmacyshop.com, one can make a purchase of the medications by creating an account with Rxpharmacyshop or checking out the sale as a guest. The payment option available on this website is a direct checkout using credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard or Visa. The courier services offered as far as the external shipment is concerned Registered Air Mail and EMS Services. Persons in UK, USA, and Australia have to wait for 8 to 12 days for the delivery if they are using EMS courier services. Persons in other countries have an estimated waiting period of between 21 and 24 days. The shipping cost of drugs in Rxpharmacyshop.com is relatively high. There is a flat fee of $25 for any order that is below $199. Any order that is above this amount is eligible for free shipment.

The direct way of communicating with Rxpharmacyshop.com is via the live chat support service offered on this website. There is no phone number provided for visitors to contact the support and admin. The live chat is mostly offline, but one can leave the email and message. I have left my email on the support, and I am sure they will respond promptly by visiting their page. It is an important concern of every online buyer on the refund policy available on a website for its users. For Rxpharmacyshop.com, there is a special page for Return and Refunds that facilitates full refunds and reshipment of orders if needed by the client. If one’s order gets lost, damaged, if the order does not get to the receiver or if the shipment contains drugs in an incorrect amount, the customer can visit this page and get a full refund of this amount or get the drugs reshipped once more.

Some User reviews on Rxpharmacyshop.com

There are numerous positive customer feedbacks which show Rxpharmacyshop.com is a good website that is credible. In the testimonial section of this website, several users reportedly enjoyed the services offered on this website. In the testimonial section, I found users like Y M Chan from China who recommended the meds and wrote excellent pricing on the reviews tab. A USA customer from Kansas was greatly impressed by this website and said he would visit this website to make a purchase again. These two users have one thing in common: they appreciate the availability and timely delivery of the drugs in their respective locations.

The customer service of this website is excellent. Due to the many positive reviews on this website, I began doubting the credibility of the reports. I double checked the website in the internet review center and found a five stars rating. One may suspect the reviews on this website not to be legitimate. However, some other users like ZackeryJimenez who visited this website on 25 September 2015 said that he bought Bimatoprost from Rxpharmacyshop.com which was available in 3 packages. One of the packages was seized on the customs duty. Rxpharmacyshop.com reshipped the order once more for him using a different route.

Rxpharmacyshop.com has a problem of a secret location. Scam alert shows the website to be on a server in the US, but the exact location is not open to the public. This secrecy has made the credibility and safety of the site to be questionable. Some sites require the users to proceed with some high level of caution as the websites risk level is wanting.

Rxpharmacyshop.com offers and discount coupon codes

As an extra customer service, most online shops and pharmacies reward the loyalty of their clients by sending out gift cards. These tickets go to customers to help them increase their sales as they save on their expenditure. Rxpharmacyshop.com does not contain such offers to its clients. Instead, they offer a free shipment service that excludes the shipping fees for orders with a checkout figure exceeding $200. This feature did not work to my favor since I was not purchasing many such drugs. For my case, I had to include a mandatory $25 shipping fee.


Customers who want to buy cheap generic and brand drugs like sildenafil citrate medications can visit Rxpharmacyshop.com. This site is a useful internet resource which one can utilize and achieve an easier way of accessing medications for problems like erectile dysfunction. Moreover, Rxpharmacyshop.com has an excellent reputation in delivering their orders to customers. In their testimonials section, there are numerous positive reviews and customer feedbacks from persons who have been satisfied by some previous orders. The website has a neat layout that is self-explanatory for any user to find any information they are looking for on the website.

Some cons of the website include an offline live chat that requires a visitor to leave the message and wait for the feedback later. Another drawback is their shipping cost. It seems to be too high for orders which are below $200. The location of Rxpharmacyshop.com is an overseas hidden location, and the users have to lay their trust on the reputation and previous user feedbacks.

Rxpharmacyshop.com is an online medical shop that has been operating since 2004. I visited Rxpharmacyshop.com to find cheap options for drugs containing sildenafil citrate. I chose this option since I did not have my health insurance and I needed some other medications for Erectile dysfunction. In the ‘About us’ section,…

Rxpharmacyshop.com review


Apart from these drawbacks, Rxpharmacyshop.com is still a credible website where one can get quality drugs which are not counterfeits. One has a chance of getting the meds with a convenient delivery option which makes this website rank fairly in my opinion.

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