Lady Era

Posted by Dr. Taylor M. Johnson

Sildenafil-powered medication has long been associated with male power in bed. Men suffering impotence and Erectile Dysfunction, ED, disorders have been embracing the service of Viagra medication long before FDA officially approved brand Viagra in 1998. Women have been suffering in the dark for lack of satisfaction in their sexual activities with little option for treatment. Even after the FDA approval of the Addyi, the first official female generic Viagra in the world in 2016, information and accessibility of this valuable medication is still scarce. Some of the essential information you need to know about female generic Viagra is found in this article.

Drug Name:Lovegra, Lady Era, Sildenafil
Tablet Package:50mg, 100mg
Available Packages:30, 60, 90, 120 pills
Best Price:USD 1.12 or 0.92 Euro
Payment Method:
Shipment:Express Delivery Service

How Generic Lady-Era Works

Just like the sildenafil-powered male Viagra that works to relax blood vessels in the area around the genitals to increase blood flow in the penile tissues for an erection, the Lady Era, also known as the “pink pill” works similarly. Going by its chemical name flibanserin, Lady Era is tailored for the female body to increase vaginal sensitivity and clitoral stimulation through the enhanced bloodstream in the female genital organs. Women suffering hypoactive sexual desire disorder, HSDD, a condition of repressed sexual desire due to menopause or distress, can achieve sustained elevation of libido and intimate experience. Lady Era works to increase testosterone in blood for better and longtime lubrication of the vagina for better and multiple orgasms in a single session of sexual intercourse. You do not have to fake your orgasms anymore to please your man. Thanks to Lady Era.

Where to buy Lady Era in United States or Europe

Apart from the FDA approved Addyi, Lady Era comes in other fancy names such as Lady Era and Femalegra, Womenra and Lovegra. They are all available over the counter with or without doctor’s prescriptions. However, they come with the serious precaution that requires a medical checkup for a personalised administration. While the drug is available in some countries, its availability in pharmacies in many other countries such as United States is difficult due to restricted use. However, many online dealers ship the Lady-Era to the doorsteps within a few hours after purchasing it depending on the location of the buyer.

Women and dealers in pharmacy in need of the Lady Era can visit any of the online drug stores, consult for purchases, pay and wait for the deliveries at the comfort of their living rooms. However, one needs to be cautious on the people they share their credit card details on the online pharmacies to avoid fraud. Be sure to establish if the online pharmacy selling Lady Era is genuine before making purchases.

Directions to take Generic Lady Era

To increase your sexual fantasy by boosting your libido and the natural vaginal stimulation to achieve multiple sexual climaxes, you need to consult your doctor to provide a specific dosage of the Lady Era. However, the standard dosage requires an oral administration of the pills about 20 to 45 minutes before a sexual encounter. The effects are enjoyable between 4 and 6 hours after consumption. Only a maximum dose of 100mg of generic Lady Era is recommendable in 24 hours.

Make sure to follow the correct dose as prescribed on the instruction sheet. A missed dose of generic Lady Era should come immediately remembered or skipped to the next scheduled time if it is near. However, any overdose must be reported to the doctors as soon as it is realized.

Precaution for using generic Lady Era

Generic Lady Era is prescribed for women experiencing hysterectomy or depresses sexual desire caused by menopause. It is recommendable for women of ages below 50 years old. Pregnant, breastfeeding and women planning to have a pregnancy shortly must consult their doctors for the recommendation.

Medication for blood pressure or any other drug with nitrate ingredients is not for use in women taking generic Lady Era. Consult your doctor if you have heart problems, disorders of the kidneys, liver and blood circulation systems before using generic Lady-Era.

Store the pink pills in a cool and dry place of a temperature range between 36 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid damage.

Side effects

There is an association of the drug with various side effects. Allergic reactions and slight headaches are some of the most common less severe side effects. Adverse side effects may include stomach upset, dizziness, severe headache, difficulty breathing, nausea, facial flushing and sensitivity to light among many other conditions. Make sure to seek doctor’s assistance in case of any of the side effects.

The Lady Era is a powerful medication to bring back lost or diminishing happiness in the sex life of a woman. It has a low price and accessible from anywhere in the word when bought from the online platform. However, there are various precautions associated with the drug. Make sure the online stores are trustworthy and not fraudulent. In the event of self-prescription, one must follow strict cautious instructions indicated on the package. A medical doctor must always be involved in the use of generic Lady Era to minimize severe health complications resulting from the use of generic Lady Era. Call your doctor in case of any complications caused by the drug.

Dr. Taylor M. Johnson