A website that provides helpful information about anabolic steroids, is not in any way considered as an online pharmacy. If you are, however, on the look out for a website that can help you learn more about anabolic steroids, this one is one good option. This website is not recommended for customers who are looking to purchase medical steroids from a prescription drug site, though. As An Informative Website

We are well aware that we should be reviewing online pharmacies, but we decided to take a closer look at what this steroid website has to offer anyway. 30-Second Video

When you visit the website, a pop-up video that automatically plays is the first thing that you would notice. In this 30-second video, a man named Mr. Steve Osterman explains two things. First, he testifies how effective anabolic steroids are. He then further explains the good reasons why anabolic steroids are illegal in most countries. They are illegal in a sense that the purchase, ownership, and sale of anabolic steroids are prohibited.

After the video, you will notice that there are a broad variety of information about steroids on the website. From steroid history, their uses, the process of injection, to the side effects – there are a lot of helpful facts you will learn from the website. Women’s steroid use and the harmful effects are also discussed in the website.

‘Contact Us’ Page

When you visit the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website, an advertisement offering a free bottle of anabolic steroids immediately pops up. The company offers this with the help of a partner website. Just a reminder, it is generally illegal to purchase, own, and sell anabolic steroids. It is sort of contradictory to find that the website tells you it is illegal, then later attempts to offer it. Clearly, the website is trying hard to make sure that you purchase anabolic steroids from the company before you leave the website.

If you feel the need to get in touch with one of the website administrators, they have a form that you can fill in. Also, it is stated in the website that its live customer support is available 24/7. Then, on the same page, they have a disclaimer saying the anabolic steroids they offer are from sisters companies, and not directly from – making clear that it is the customer’s prerogative to purchase from an outside company.

Coupon Codes

If you look through the pages of the website, you’ll find that a number of contest and promotions are being offered almost every month. One interesting contest is a transformation contest that runs within 60 days. The winner gets 20,000 in US Dollars and other prizes.

There are also other interesting videos posted on the website, and they are all related to steroids. There’s even one video in which Jose Conseco, an infamous basketball player, is included. Reviews

Unfortunately, there aren’t any testimonials nor customer reviews about the website that are found online. This is generally because it does not directly sell prescription medications.


We cannot disregard the possibility that this site is a fraud or spam because of the contradictory information provided and services offered. You need to consider the fact that anabolic steroids are illegal if you are in the US, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, or Portugal – unless you have a prescription, of course. Anabolic steroids are considered as Schedule 3 controlled substance in the US, which means that its distribution or possession can lead to prison. Even if you are a first time offender, you will be sentenced to jail since it’s a federal crime.

On the other hand, it’s good to note that the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate – if you’ll try to ignore the pop-ups, that is. Also, the anabolic steroids information that this website provides are thorough, and very helpful. Although the website is not a legitimate online pharmacy, it still advertises anabolic steroids for sale.