UnaRxCard.com is a new method of providing consumers with solutions on how to buy affordable prescription drugs. Their so-called Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) distributes its services through online retail pharmacies, health insurance companies, business entrepreneurs, and many more and has been established in every state in the U.S.

UnaRxCard.com Health Program Solution

The benefits that clients can enjoy include purchase of affordable prescription drugs whether the client is covered by health insurance or not. Membership is free, and each member is not obliged to disclose personal information.

UnaRxCard.com has a large database of 240,000 healthcare providers and a membership of 114.9 million consumers. In fact, members of UnaRxCard.com in 2012  has been able to avail of a total 1.31 billion US dollars in savings. The company is an affiliate of the United Networks of America (UNA), America’s leading provider of value added benefits.

Through this program, members can avail of up to 75% discount on generic and prescription drugs through its 56,000 national, and regional pharmacies and guarantees that members will get the best price on their branded and generic medications.

UnaRxCard.com Reviews

There are no reviews found online about UnaRxCard.com but evidence will show that this is a good company with countless benefits for its members.

However, ScamAdviser.com reports that this company has earned some negative feedback from unsatisfied customers. These customers claim that UnaRxCard.com did not deliver what it promised and this is the main reason why customers shun this site.

UnaRxCard.com Coupon Codes

It seems that UnaRxCard.com does not have any coupon codes, special offers or any discount for its products and services. These are major tools for a successful company to encourage customer interest in its products and maintain customer repeat orders.

UnaRxCard.com Conclusion

UnaRxCard.com has introduced a new innovation in the field of health solution by creating a way in which consumers can enjoy discounted branded and generix medications for its members regardless of age or status. Its commitment to present a better solution to consumers has been acknowledged by its members and their families, as well.

But there are also negative member complaints that UnaRxCard.com needs to address. Unless the complaints are solved, this will prove to be detrimental to the success of this online health program provider.