According to information on the website, acts as an intermediary between customers and their partner pharmacies from different locations. They make it easy for customers to find drugs that are not available in their physical location and sell the medication at affordable rates. They also take care of delivery, making this process of buying medicine online safe and convenient for the customer.

A team of licensed doctors prescribes any medication ordered from this website, and all the affiliated pharmacies are fully licensed to offer medication under strict compliance with the FDA regulations.

Buying Medication on the Medstore Online Website

You can find different types of medication on the Medstore Online website, including branded and generic medicine for at least 16 medical categories.
Buying medication from Medstore Online is easy. The left side of the website has a search button where you can search for any medication based on your health condition. Searching is easy, type in the name of the drug, and hit enter, and you will get your medicine.

Alternatively, you can locate your health condition using the ‘choose by alphabet option,’ or, you can click the tab if it’s already listed on the medical category tabs. For example, if you need medication for arthritis, click on the arthritis tab and choose any medication below it.

They offer drugs for allergies, diabetes, weight loss, arthritis, depression, men’s health, schizophrenia, sleeping disorders, and migraines. You’ll also find antibiotics, painkillers, birth control pills, muscle relaxants, among others.

This website has been in existence for nine years, but on their website, they claim to have started operations in 2009.

Payment Options

Medstore Online has all the standard payment options such as credit card, bank transfer, e-cheque, and even bitcoin.

Customers who pay through bank wire transfer get their orders confirmed once the payment reflects on the Medstore systems. The processing of the invoice, order confirmation from the bank, and the change of order status after processing takes some time, and this means you should permit 4-5 extra days for the delivery process.

E-cheque payments are processed once the check clears; however, this payment option is only available to US customers. Also, processing of an e-cheque order takes an extra five days.

Can You Order Drugs Without a Prescription?

The information on the website suggests that you can but for personal use only. However, the website reiterates that you should clear with your country’s drug importation laws first.

Contact Information

The contact information is placed on the top of all the website pages, and this includes Skype, Live Chat, and phone numbers. Use the contact us page if you want them to contact you via email or to get more contact numbers.

2019 Online Reviews

The Medstore Online website is well arranged and looks credible. The prices are affordable and enticing, especially knowing that it’s an online pharmacy licensed by the FDA.

Customer reviews on a majority of pharmacies are honest, and reading them can shed some light on the credibility of a particular online drug store. A look at some of Medstore Online Reviews shows that they live up to their promises.

For example, the first review from Jeff commends the website on their well-arranged website, reasonable prices, and 24/7 chat and fast delivery of drugs, as stated.

Another review from Marty commends the site for the fast delivery of drugs and even a suggestion that he would recommend Medstore Online to a friend.

Travis was skeptical about drug authenticity at first, but after trying it, he found the drugs were 100 percent legit.

Melinda, another Medstore Online reviewer, says that she highly recommends this online refill center. She also commends them for their high-quality meds and quick solutions offered by the customer service team.

Coupon Codes

There is no mention of coupon codes or offers anywhere on this website. The drugs are reasonably priced, and they guarantee quality medication from approved and trusted online pharmacies.

Advantages of Buying Medication from Medstore Online

  • Fast shipping – the procedure is quick and convenient, and the drugs are shipped once approved by the doctor.
  • On-Time Delivery – the website guarantees timely delivery of drugs or your money back if the drugs don’t get to you on time.
  • 100% Quality – Medstore Online works with reliable and licensed suppliers to offer the best quality products to customers.
  • Online Order Status Check – you can check to see the progress of your order from the start to the delivery.
  • Best Prices – this website offers high-quality drugs at affordable rates.


Medstore Online is a credible online refill center that lives up to its promises. According to the reviews, they meet all the customers’ expectations, especially when it comes to the quality of drugs and delivery time.

You can also contact them anytime using email, phone, Skype, or Live Chat, which is great when buying drugs online.

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  1. Very good pharmacy, I ‘ve chosen them once and now I keep on ordering only from them. They offer good discounts for loyal clients and their support team is very helpful in any question!

  2. The pharmacy really deserves to be mentioned as one of the most reliable. I buy from them since 2013. Since that time they ‘ve changed their domains several times (cc,ws, xyz) but their customer service is the best! I buy Somadril from them – the price is excellent! Thank you!

  3. The pharmacy is reliable. My order was delivered in 8 days ( Diazepam). The support team is always online and ready to help.

  4. Yesterday I got my 3d order from medstore-online. The quality is very high (despite the pills are Indian) and the price is good at least for Somadril which I took.

  5. I had no time for choosing an OP, just needed to get my Alp as soon as possible. I found this pharmacy in top rated section and placed the order. The delivery took 9 days, the pills are generic buy truly very effective. I recommend this pharmacy to everyone who doubts yet!

  6. I got my order from them in 7 days, Somadril pills appeared to be very effective for me, thank you!

  7. This pharmacy has already moved to CO zone – they are I’ve been usng them for 5 years or so, and for all this time only once my meds were not delivered in time so they reshipped it. Very reliable and trustworthy company.

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