At the moment, nonbenzodiazepine sleeping pills are an optimal choice for unsystematic treatment of insomnia. It is conditioned by low quality of the side effects of these drugs, and also good tolerance at any age.

Soporific products do not cure of this disease, and moreover, the symptoms of the sleep disorder may become worse after the termination of the pharmacotherapy. In order to avoid all negative reactions of the body after the end of the insomnia treatment, you may buy Zopiclone.

What is Zopiclone?

Zopiclone is an effective soporific which is added to the new group of psychotropic medications – cyclosporine.

Zopiclone binds to receptors in the central nervous system which are responsible for the regimen and sleep cycle, and increases their activity. Zopiclone provides sedative, soporific, myorelaxing action.

This drug quickly causes a prolonged and quality sleep, puts in the stage of the deep sleep in 30 minutes after falling asleep. Taking Zopiclone, the human falls asleep and wakes up easier.

After the use of the drug, no postsomnia remains. Patient wakes up easily, does not have fatigue and sleepiness. Sleep is significantly improved. It becomes deeper, longer, and a person does not have frequent night awakenings.

Directions for the use:

Zopiclone is directed to make falling asleep easier in case of acute or chronic insomnia. The use of Zopiclone is proved if insomnia is caused by stress, physical fatigue, and nerve tension.

In case of the appearance of insomnia as a result of acute mental disorder, the usefulness of Zopiclone remains to be seen.

Who is contraindicated to take Zopiclone?

Zopiclone is contraindicated in case of severe respiratory failure, allergy to the active ingredients of the drug, apneustic breath, and severe myasthenia.

It is completely not studied if Zopiclone penetrates into the breast milk and through placenta, and therefore a decision about taking Zopiclone during pregnancy and/or lactation is made by a qualified doctor.

The increase of the therapeutic effect may appear during the simultaneous use of Zopiclone with tranquilizers, barbiturates, opioids, ethanol and also other drugs which provide a suppressive action to the central nervous system. At the same time, overdose and intense side effects may appear.

Usage and dosage of Zopiclone

The treatment of insomnia may be started by patients over 18 years old. A single dose of Zopiclone directly appears on the level of insomnia severity and sensitivity of the patient to the drug action.

  • The optimal scheme of Zopiclone use is once a day, before going to bed, in the dose of 7,5 mg.
  • After the use of Zopiclone 7,5 mg the action is started in about 30 minutes
  • In case of no intense soporific effect while taking 1 pill of Zopiclone 7,5 mg, the dose may be increased by two times
  • Zopiclone 15 mg may be used in case of no contraindications, by patients at the age of 18 to 65.

Zopiclone is indicated for a short-term removal of the insomnia symptoms, and therefore the optimal duration of the drug use is 8-10 days.

Possible side effects

The side effects of Zopiclone may appear in the first 2-3 days of the pill use. Patients may feel unpleasant taste in the mouth, light dizziness, weakness, persisting sleepiness, and digestion disorder.

The appearance of more intense side effects such as hallucinations, skin rash, depression, symptoms of amnesia needs lowering the daily dose and medical intervention.

Where to buy Zopiclone?

Zopiclone has been approved by FDA for the treatment of insomnia but it is for sale by prescription in most countries of the world. The cost of Zopiclone is unreasonably overpriced because of the high demand for the drug and its unique properties in the municipal pharmacies.

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