An online pharmacy that offers a broad range of both topical and oral medications, IWantMeds.com is a user-friendly website with a simple and decent layout.

IWantMeds.com Generic Medications

The drugs sold in the website are in generic versions. For each medication and category of medication listed on the website, descriptions are provided. The advantage of purchasing from the website is the search option which is available in eight different languages. Be reminded, though, that you shouldn’t purchase prescription medication and not have prescription along with it. Besides, doing so would be illegal.

IWantMeds.com Prices And Shipment

Depending on the type of medication you are going to buy, and the quantity – the prices vary from US$0.08 per pill to US$100 for a bulk of pills. Based on what’s written on the website, the company offers free shipping on all types of orders. In addition, if you want to be able to track your order, all you need to do is pay an extra US$20 for the package tracking. This works by simply clicking on a TRACK ORDER tab, and entering your ORDER ID, email address, and the code shown on the screen. We have not tested out the accuracy and functionality of this feature, though.

IWantMeds.com Social Media Presence

The company’s Facebook and Twitter pages have not been updated in 2 to 3 years. Also, it appears on the social media posts that IWantMeds.com is just advertising itself.

IWantMeds.com Customer Support

You can find a live online chat support offered on the company’s website, which is said to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For customers based in the Philippines, a toll-free phone number is available. These customer support options haven’t been tested yet, though.

IWantMeds.com Reviews 2015

Finding customer reviews and feedback about the IWantMeds.com is difficult. There is, however, one testimonial found on its Facebook page. Michele Campbell shared her story about ordering from IWantMeds.com and having a bad experience with the customer service representative who never called her back. Despite the bad experience, she still made her second order and hoped that this time would be better. Unfortunately, it even got worse. She paid extra US$27 on her order so she can take advantage of the speedy shipment time, but the package arrived like she didn’t pay extra. What’s more is that only half of her order was in the package. For four (4) days, she tried calling and emailing the customer service representative but didn’t receive any response. Michele Campbell was so disappointed that she said she is going to report the company to the foreign trade commission and report it as an internet fraud. All in all, the medications she missed were worth US$200.

Other feedback and reviews about IWantMeds.com’s products and services can be found from message boards, third party sites, and scam protection and detection sites such as LegitScript.com and ScamAdvisor.com.

Majority of the reviews from these sources were not in favor of the company. Some of the complaints include receiving fake medications, not receiving the ordered medications at all, poor customer service, lack of billing options (Western Union, Money-Gram, credit card), opened or damaged packaging, and indiscreet packaging, among others.

Furthermore, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) does not recommend using the site to purchase medications because it does not comply with the NABP patient safety and pharmacy standards, or the state and federal laws.

IWantMeds.com Coupons

On almost all coupon websites out there, the coupon codes offered by the company are available. Some of the discount offered by IWantMeds.com include 5% off on your 2nd order, 6% off on your 3rd order, 7% off on your 4th order, and 8% off on your 5th order. The most common discount being offered is the 10% off for specific quantity and medication. There is also the 70% discount. However, it is still unknown whether these coupon codes really do work or not.