The operation of 4cornerspharmacy.com started in 1996 and after conducting a customer feedback review on its services and products, the management of the company began a drastic change to improve their services and their stocks so that they can offer more products and expand their customer base .

All their products are made from high quality materials and manufactured by certified and internationally recognized pharmaceutical companies from the USA. They deliver to any point worldwide and give the assurance that the stocks they ship out will be delivered as soon as possible depending on your location. Also, they package their products in a unique way, clearly their own. The prices they offer are also competitive with other companies.

4CornersPharmacy.com Customer Reviews

There have been very few customer feedback for 4CornersPharmacy.com. Some say the website is good while other say they are not sure about the site. Information about the website can also be found on scamadviser.com and scamvoid.com, where information were said to be conflicting.

On ScamAdviser.com, one review says that 4CornersPharmacy.com does not really give accurate information about their website thereby earning a low trust score rate. Regarding the country from where it originates, the pharmacy seems to be Bahamas-based but it is more likely to be US-based. France also has a part in the company set up. So, there is no guarantee that the products this online pharmacy sells are genuine.

Another factor that seems to be suspicious about the website is that it hosts other websites under the same server, such as 4CornerPharmacy.com. So this only adds more suspicion whether it is a genuine or a fake website. LegitScript.com also lists this website as a rogue site.

4CornersPharmacy.com Special Offers

4CornersPharmacy.com provides free shipping within the United States. But the company is now planning to extend this service to customers from other countries. This is because the cost of shipment is one factor that has a bearing on the customer’s budget. If this expense could be taken off the customer and shouldered by the company, then the customers will consider more purchases of their products and increase the company’s sales.

Special offers such as loyalty codes, if introduced by 4CornersPharmacy.com, would definitely catch the attention and interest of customers. Loyal customers who continue to shop from the pharmacy should be entitled to this. When the customers see that they are being appreciated and acknowledged by the company, they will be happy to buy more and even recommend other friends too. Also it would be a good idea if customers recommend new clients to shop at the pharmacy. In return, they will enjoy a pre-calculated discount on their next purchase.


It would be best to do a careful review about all the online information about 4CornersPharmacy.com. Find out why there are conflicting reviews about this website. It is possible that some reviews are already old and outdated. However, the company just got revamped. So, if they have cleared up all these issues, it is likely that they receive more positive reviews from customers.

According to ScamVoid.com, the pharmacy has a good online reputation and is trustworthy. Carefully obtain as much information regarding this website, and compare the before-and-after of the company’s situation. If still unsure about it, then it is recommended that you look for another reliable website.