Different anthelmintic drugs are used for the treatment of worms. One of them is Albendazole. According to the instructions for use, it is a drug of broad spectrum, helping to fight both one and several kinds of intestinal parasites.

Albendazole is an effective medicine of the last generation of anthelmintic drugs. Its active component is a substance called albendazole. The instruction for use describes the mechanism of action of albendazole quite difficult for the person who is not an expert in parasitology. In simple terms, this substance destroys the intestinal cells of helminthes and has a negative impact on the biochemical processes in the bodies of parasites. At that, Albendazole stops the movement of roundworms and tapeworms, blocking the work of its muscle fiber, hinder the synthesis of the important source of energy- nucleotide ATP (adenosine triphosphate), suppresses the utilization of glucose.

An important advantage of the drug is that it destroys not only adult helminthes, but also the larvae and eggs of parasites. The drug is the most effective in the fight against the larvae of threadworm (large intestinal round worms), and also pork tapeworm and equinococosis (tapeworms). Actually, there is a broad range of indications to the use of Albendazole. It is used for the treatment of lambliosis, opisthorchiasis, strongyloides, enterobiasis, neurocysticercosis, nematodiasis, to get rid of the dog tapeworm of the genus Toxocara. This drug is also recommended for the treatment of mixed helminth infections, microsporidiosis, ancylostomidosis, whip-worm infection, ascaridiasis and echinococcosis. In the surgical operations to remove cysts, caused by echinococcosis, Albendazole is used as an effective support therapeutic drug.

Pharmaceutical companies produce this medicine in the form of pills, covered with the film membrane, suspension for the oral intake and chewing pills. Depending on the type of illness and a person’s weight one can prescribe the corresponding medicinal form, individual dosage and duration of treatment course. For example, therapeutic dose for the treatment of nematodiasis (for the adults and children over the age of 2) is 20 ml of suspension once a day. At that, all the members of the family need a treatment.

You should consider some contraindications of Albendazole. According to the instructions for use, it is contraindicated to use this drug if you have an individual intolerance to the ingredients of the drug. You need to to renounce the use of the drug at the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding. You should take the drug with caution, if you have a kidney and liver failure, retinal pathology, liver cirrhosis and brain circulation dysfunction.