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First of all, the combination of herbs, contained in Ayurslim, burns the body fat (as any fat- burner, it works only with a physical activity), and also provide a stable effect. Meshashringi and Vrikshamla stimulate and improve metabolism, and Guggul reduces the content of fats and toxins in tissue.

The action of Ayurslim:

  • accelerates the metabolism and promotes the burning of fat and lipids inside the body;
  • prevents the synthesis of fat acids in muscles and liver, which stops lithogenesis.
  • reduces the need for sugar and neutralizes sugar in the body;
  • reduces the level of cholesterol and triglyceride- determining factor in the fight against obesity.

How AyurSlim regulates the body mass:

  • reduces the craving for eating, thus decreasing the consumption of fats and carbohydrates;
  • leads to the optimal use of nutrients;
  • prevents the synthesis of fat acids, reducing the accumulation of fat in the body.

On the average, regular use of capsules AyurSlim can help you to lose 9 kg within 6 months (depending on such conditions at the level of physical activity and diet).

How AyurSlim regulates the body mass:

  • moderate physical activity ( no less than 30 minutes of walking every day) is necessary;
  • eat in small amounts but more often, making your dinner the lightest meal of the day;
  • drink at least 8- 10 glasses of water daily;
  • eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (it is recommendable to eat fruits and caloric vegetables in the morning).
  • eat less sweets, sugary drinks, fried meal, butter, potato chips, cheese and other fat products.

Though the effects of AyurSlim are visible within 4- 6 weeks, it is necessary to use it for at least 3 months for the achievement of best results.

You should understand that, losing weight once, it is easy to gain it again. Ayurveda recommends organizing your life so that you can stay healthy and beautiful throughout your life, without the use of drugs. The following effective and simple principles will help you to be always in good shape!

In Ayurveda, in the most of cases, overweight is connected with the imbalance or abundance of Kafa Doshi. The elements of earth and water start to prevail in the body, increasing your body mass. People with prevailing Kafa constitution need to check its balance more carefully, as they have a natural tendency towards the accumulation of overweight and excessive liquid in the body, in contrast to the people of other constitutions, which can lose their extra weight quite easily.

There are many effective Ayurvedic methods of reducing Kafa Doshi and balance it out. So, the key point is that you can clean your body from Ama (toxins, slags, unprocessed waste), excessive liquid and mucus and try not to accumulate them afterwards, eating the products opposite to Kafa Doshi, maximize the fire of digestion and use different supporting methods for keeping Doshi in balance, otherwise your weight will increase again.

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