Aspirin Caffeine

ECA is a combination of three different medicines- ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. This combination of medicines is actively used in fitness and bodybuilding for the burning of in 1990s, when the market of sport additives has a wide range of medicine on its basis. But later ephedrine, as well as ECA, was prohibited due to the possibility of creating narcotic substances from its derivatives. However, these drugs are available to this day, they are successfully produced in India, China and other countries.

The effects of ECA

According to the scientific studies, the medicine based on ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin leads to the considerable loss of fat deposits, even without physical exercise and diet. At that, side effects didn’t have any serious impact in healthy people.

The analysis showed that ECA leads to the loss of fat (on average 1-3 kg in a month) without additional activities. At that, the effectiveness of drug increases greatly by using aerobic activity and special diet.

Other scientific tests have shown that the combination of caffeine and ephedrine allows amplifying the effect of fat-burning. At that, separate intake of these additives gives the smaller weight loss, than their combination, so in this case one can observe synergies.

As for aspirin, there is no adequate explanation for its use. Originally it was thought that it can prolong the action of ephedrine, but the practice showed that this assumption was wrong. Moreover, aspirin itself has a lot of side effects, of which the most serious is the development of stomach ulcer. For this reason, its presence in the composition of this combination is unsubstantiated.

Increasing the efficiency of ECA course

The efficiency of fat-burning during ECA treatment can be increased in the following way:

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  • Use the aerobic exercises;
  • Make a special diet and follow it;
  • Use the sports nutrition for slimming.


Side effects of ECA

The information about serious complications during the use of ECA was received only rarely, and is mostly connected with the predisposition or the pathologies of cardiovascular system (that existed before the beginning of using ECA).

The scientific researches on humans haven’t revealed any case of serious complications during and after the use of ECA. For this reason, the combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin can be called relatively safe medicine (compared to the steroids and some other specialized drugs).