At this moment in time, there are millions of men who suffer from conditions such as impotency, or premature ejaculations. In the long run, issues like these have been proven to have several negative effects on the lives of the men encountering them. To put things better into perspective, men suffering from premature ejaculation often suffer from a lack of self-confidence, face tensions in their relationship, and can even be affected by depression, due to the inability to have an active sexual life.

Because of this, various drugs such as Dapoxetine have been developed. To put things better into perspective, Dapoxetine represents a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, also known as an SSRI. Its main purpose is to treat premature ejaculation, although it can sometimes have other clinical issues. As SSRIs have been clinically proven to be effective when dealing with the condition, Dapoxetine can sometimes represent a must in the life of those who wish to deal with the condition. Due to the nature of the medicine, to make sure that it is effective, the drug has to be taken on a daily basis, usually three hours prior to sexual intercourse. The drug works by increasing the intra-vaginal ejaculation latency time, also known as IELT, from the time of initial penetration to the moment of orgasm for men.

Clinical studies of Dapoxetine

To learn more about the drug, there have been several clinical tests made in order to prove its efficiency. Most men managed to last for roughly five minutes longer, while also getting a better grip on their ejaculatory control. In exchange, this also changed up the quality of the sexual satisfaction, and thus allowed men on the pill to reach better orgasms.

Are there any side effects of this drug?

Just like any other medicines, there are also several side effects associated with taking Dapoxetine. While users may not experience all, these include nausea, dizziness headache, diarrhoea, somnolence, insomnia, fatigue and more. When it comes down to buying the medicine, it is important to make sure that you have had a doctor’s consultation, and that the drug was prescribed to you. This is so, as there can be several issues in the long run in case improper medical assistance is received.

What should I be wary off?

Users taking the drug should make sure that they give it enough time to carry out its effect. Generally, the drug should be taken around three hours prior to sexual activity, to ensure that it has been digested, and that it is ready to work as advertised. In case users miss a dose, they should simply take the next one as scheduled. In case of an overdose, emergency medical attention should be attained, to make sure that there are no complications whatsoever. When it comes down to buying the drug, make sure to do so from local, or online authorized pharmacies.