Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know? More than a third of men above 50 have some form of erectile dysfunction (ED).

The term erectile dysfunction means the deficiency in power to keep an erection and thus inability to perform intercourse successfully. It is not only the patient who suffers but his partner as well. The emotional strain and feeling of a void which creeps in affects health and work too. There are around 30 million men who have ED but very few go in for treatment, still lesser speak up. What is most essential in the case of ED is proper communication. Your partner is the best person to speak to and together you can work out a way of treatment procedure in conjunction with the doctor. Today there are available a wide range of ways to treat ED or impotence. You can easily choose the one which suits you physiologically and suits your taste. Take your partner’s opinion too before you take a decision regarding the medication.

Ways to treat impotence

  • Drug therapy: Medication can be sought in various ways. They can either be oral pills like the much touted Viagra, levitra and cialis. These drugs are available at any online pharmacy at real low prices. They can be injected into the penis like papavarine HCl, phentolamine and caverject (alprostadil). There are drug pellets that can be inserted into the urethra too like asprostadil. Oral testosterone is also prescribed in some cases.
  • Psychotherapy: Nowadays, doctors prefer to try psychological treatments rather than drugs because of the number of side-effects involved. In these your partner also needs to take part in the exercise.
  • Vacuum devices: Some patients prefer the mechanical way of getting an erection right and sustain the same.
  • Surgery: In a last attempt, one can go ion for corrective surgery especially in cases of hereditary or physical or surgical causes.

You just need to take your age, health history, your active partner and if many the number of partners into consideration before keying into the right treatment method for impotence.

It is only you who can get back your sexual vigour. So take the first step in this direction.