Risk factors and warning signs for stroke

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]trokes are known as a very serious medical problem. To define stroke, it is said that it is a sudden loss of brain function which is caused by either interrupted blood flow or a rupture of brain blood vessels.

stroke signs

A person can experience following warning signs, depending upon the part where the brain is damaged like:

  1. Weakness: A person can feel a sudden loss of strength or numbness in his or her body
  2. Trouble Speaking: This defines that unusual and sudden stuttering or general confusion
  3. Vision Problems: A person can find difficulty in seeing like blurred vision
  4. Headache: Sudden feel a severe headache
  5. Dizziness: It is accompanied with any of the 4 other signs.

In case, if someone think that he or she is suffering from stroke problem then it becomes important to call your local emergency number. Depending upon type of stroke, a medication is given for instance; if your stroke is related to a blood clot then hospital will offer you a special clot-busting drug. These drugs are only helpful, if the patient reaches within the first few hours of having a stroke.

One can observe different effects of strokes for each person like:

If the stroke has affected cerebrum then you can experience a long-term symptoms like weakness or paralysis, slower behavior, trouble learning or executing instructions, vision problems, short-term memory loss, and judgment difficulties.

In case the stroke has affected your brain stem then you may face long-term symptoms like breathing, controlling body temperature and balancing. A patient may face problems in extremities like chewing or swallowing.