[dropcap]P[/dropcap]hentermine is a popular weight-loss drug known to have positive results when it comes to that age-old trial of losing weight. It is a prescription drug that can only be obtained by a doctor. The reason for this is because this drug is addictive and quite habit-forming. The prescription is usually only for 90 days. This is the safest way to take Phentermine. By taking the drug along with a healthy, new lifestyle, it will help get that weight off quicker and safer.


This drug is only taken orally in either capsule, tablet or resin capsule form. There are also other forms of Phentermine available for a lower cost. These other drugs include Adipex and Qsymia. Phentermine is part of the large family of sympathomimetic appetite suppressants. It is mainly prescribed for those who are considered to be obese. This drug also needs to be combined with a physician-directed program of exercise, diet and even behavior therapy. Phentermine can work to help lose weight while the body is getting used to a new diet and doing exercises.

The Phentermine drug is only prescribed for a short time, such as three months. This is because any possible side effects can still remain while the beneficial effects of the drug will wear off much quicker. Phen Caps are used mainly after the presscribed drug is finished. This will help continue to curb the appetite and keep the good eating habits going to keep the weight off. The Phen Caps are available with a doctor’s prescription.

Anyone who starts a regimen of this drug should also get proper sleep, eat by following a proper diet, and do regular exercise as directed by the doctor. Phentermine alone can not start and keep the weight off. It is simply adding to a healthier lifestyle by suppressing the appetite at the same time the other good habits are being practiced.

This amazing drug works by decreasing the appetite. This is accomplished by affecting neurotransmitters and stimulating the hypothalamus gland. The gland is the part of the brain that will regulate body temperature, control the nervous system, regulate sleep cycles as well as suppressing the appetite.

If your physician puts you on a new program for a diet, behavior and exercise in order for this drug to do its job, you must stay with this program. This is the only way that any weight loss will not return. These new habits will also enable that weight to keep coming off even without taking the medication.