Zolpidem Tartrate

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he medication Zolpidem Tartrate which is approved by the FDA can be used for adults who are having trouble sleeping or staying asleep. The medication is only to be used for a short period of time, usually for one month under a doctor’s care or in a medical controlled situation.

It is up to the professional medical person to determine the amount of Zolpidem that each adult should be allowed to take. The person’s age, health condition, other medications and weight should be taken into consideration before the medication is administered. The highest dosage for adults that can be taken safely is 10 milligrams and should not go any higher than that. Depending on what other medications the patient is taking the Zolpidem medication may have to be altered until the correct dosage is reached.

With any medication there is always a possibility of side effects which should be reported to your doctor right away. With Zolpidem the side effects are rashes on the skin such as hives and itching. The lips and tongue on the face can become swollen which could cut off air supply if the tongue swells too much. In this case the patient should be taken to the emergency room as quickly as possible. The patient may become confused or depressed and might have problems with dizziness and balance. Any habit that is out of the ordinary such as driving or eating while asleep needs to be reported to the doctor so the medication can be either stopped or adjusted.

The medication should only be taken just before going to bed and no other time during the day. There is no need to take the medication at any other time during the day since it is to help with sleep. If a person works the night shift they should take the pill in the morning when they get home right before they go to bed. If the person works the evening shift they should take the medication at the time they get home from work and the same applies to any person working the day shift. If a person works a split shift then it would be best to talk with your doctor as to the best time to take the medication.