How do I know generic drugs are safe and good quality?

generic and brand pricesGeneric drugs are basically the same as their brand-name counterparts. The only difference is their price and when they can enter the market. Always do your research or ask a pharmacist, but in almost 100% of cases, you won’t notice any significant different between the generic and brand-name versions.

When a drug company first develops a drug, they obviously want to protect it so competing companies cannot steal the chemical formula of that drug and enter the market with it. The drug company applies for a patent for that formula. This patent protects the formula for a specific amount of time, which varies from country-to-country. The drug company can manufacture and sell that product with the assurance that no other company can sell the same product.

However, after this protection period expires, the formula for that drug is public and any drug company can begin developing the exact same drug. While there may be very small differences in appearance or chemical make-up, it is the exact same drug.

The competing drug companies have basically been handed the formula so they spend very little on research and development. They just manufacture, box, and ship the drug. Since they spent less on research and development, their costs are lower and they can afford to charge significantly less in an effort to steal market share away from the brand-name drug.

You can find a wide selection of all types of brand-name and generic drugs from your online Canadian pharmacy. These drugs are often up to 70% cheaper than the same drug at your local brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Just send them your prescription via fax or snail-mail, order your prescription through their website (up to a 3-month supply), and wait for your prescription to be delivered to your door!

Before ordering any drugs or medication online, check that the online Canadian pharmacy is certified in the country in which it operates and has received many positive reviews from other customers.

Talk to your local online Canadian pharmacist about what generic drugs may be available for your prescription and start piling up the savings!