When do I need a prescription for online pharmacy purchases?

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or purchasing “under-the-counter” drugs, one strictly has to mail or fax the doctor’s prescription. Apart from physical store, this condition even applies for online pharmacy. On other hand, over-the-counter or non-prescribed drugs can be bought off the shelf from your neighbourhood pharmacy. The top Canadian online pharmacies carry brand-name and generic versions of drugs. On these drugs, borrowers can save a huge amount say up to 70% especially when they are purchasing drugs from online mode.

Mostly, it has been seen that all reputed online Canadian pharmacies have a pharmacist who is available by phone or email, in case if you have any questions. Depending on where you have placed your order, the shipment time varies. It could take anywhere between 7-21 business days for your prescription to arrive at destination place. Before placing your order, you must check the authenticity or reliability of the site from estimates based on your location. A person must make sure that he orders his medicines in advance, so that he doesn’t run out of your prescription before upcoming refill arrives.

The online Canadian pharmacies provide plenty of options like prescription or non-prescription drug, brand-name or generic version. With online pharmacy, you can save money and time. So, always prefer medical and health products from a certified online pharmacy.