[dropcap]G[/dropcap]eneric Levitra drugs can be found at many online pharmacy websites; though it may be hard to choose one, pharmacy reviews can help with that. The internet drugstore themselves may have complementary information on cheap generic Levitra products other than price. This is info is much more needed than more people think so, particularly for customers who are under the impression that they will get an erection merely by taking the drug, and what’s more, that they somehow will have improved their sexual prowess by doing so. The truth is that Vardenafil, which is the active ingredient in this med, has a basic and straight up mechanism of action.

When you buy generic Levitra online, keep this in mind: it does not produce an erection directly, all by itself. It does open up the blood vessels so that blood can freely flow to the penis, which in turn can use it to become and stay erect. But in order for the blood to rush to the penile area, the user needs to be sexually stimulated. Arousal is required for a proper erection, the same as it would be were you not suffering from erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you might want to be bit wary of online pharmacies that tout of ED drugs as aphrodisiacs rather than well researched and developed medications.

Other pieces of information regarding generic Levitra drugs that are usually offered by online pharmacies are side effects (lightheadedness; abnormal heartbeat; ear ringing, or sudden loss of hearing; a painful erection or one that lasts 4 hours or more; chest pain; shortness of breath; sudden vision loss; swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet; and vision changes), as well as instructions on how and when to take it. This sort of generic Levitra advice is best left to your personal physician, who will based its recommendations on the circumstances of your particular case.