No Online Reviews for Popular Store is an online pharmacy with a variety of products on offer. The store stocks products such as cancer medication, antidepressants, antibiotics, nootropics, hair loss medication, beauty products and men’s health medication, including erectile dysfunction medication.

Even though the store has a wide variety of medication, the store specializes in selling generic drugs. This is the first impression you get when you visit the site, with a vast amount of information on generic Provigil on the site’s homepage. According to the site, the company was formed back in 2009 in Mumbai, India. Before becoming an online pharmacy, the company first operated a physical pharmacy in the same country.

Most of the drugs sold on the site are generic medications. However, there is no mention of whether they are FDA-approved. Drugs sold in India are approved by the local FDA before being allowed to hit the market.

On the site, ‘Viagra’ 100 mg sells for $2.71 per pill. However, you have to buy a minimum of 10 pills. ‘Cialis Daily’ sells for $2.72 per pill, with the restriction of buying a minimum of 10 pills. On the site, there are no product descriptions for the products. They are only listed with their prices.

Shipping is done via EMS delivery. The service takes 7-10 days and will cost the buyer $22. The online pharmacies ships products to a few countries, including surrounding Asian countries, the US, UK, and Australia. The store offers buyers a handful of payment options. They include Bitcoin (15% extra pills), western union and credit cards (10% discount) and an Easy Secure Online Payment that is undefined. Those who use this get 10% off.

In the case of lost parcels and damaged goods, the store offers refunds and reshipments. During my visit, I wanted to ask a few questions, but the customer care representative was offline. No address of phone number was listed on the site. The only contact options were email and offline messages. Reviews

There are no online reviews for this site. This could mean a lot of things, one being that the store is not popular. It could also mean that the store is quite new and most people do not know of its existence. Since there were no reviews of the site in the past, I decided to narrow the search to the year 2016.

Finally, I stumbled upon a mention of the store on the site It was by a user by the name Stlgirl. She was asking members of the forum if anyone knew anything about the store since it had been recommended to her. She wanted to try out the site but had not come across any reviews of the site online.

Is Legit?

I went on to check the integrity of the site on The store received a disappointing score of 9/100. Scamadvisor pointed out that the score had a low trust rating and therefore is not safe for use.

When it came to location, the locations detected were Russia and Seychelles, which was strange since the company is based in India. According to data from Scamadvisor, the site is quite popular and received a significant amount of traffic.

Coupon Codes

There are no coupon codes on offer on the site. However, there are various promotional discounts on the site for those who choose to buy.


This is one of those stores that has a wide range of medications available. Online reviews would have been a big plus for the site since their prices are affordable.