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The studies of Venlor effectiveness in the treatment of depression of varying severity have shown that the drug can cause remission fairly rapidly. So, after only one month of treatment with venlafaxine, every second patient achieves remission. If the drug is taken within 3 months, the chance to get remission is 80%. In this respect, Venlor (venlafaxine) shows almost the best results among all antidepressants. The drug has a positive effect on the various components of the depressive syndrome, while possessing a high degree of safety for the average person.


Treatment and prevention of depression (including accompanied by increased anxiety).


It should not be taken by pregnant women (as well as breastfeeding mothers); Children up to 18 years; if you are hypersensitive to substances included in the composition of the drug, as well as simultaneously with MAO inhibitors (you must wait at least a week).

Directions for use and dosage

Venlor is taken with meals, per os, not chewing and drinking plenty of water, preferably in the same time. Not permitted grinding, dissolution in liquids, mixing with food, etc.

With distinct violations of renal function one should reduce the dose by 25-50%. At the time of the dialysis the dose should be reduced by half, and Venlor (venlafaxine) should be taken at the end of the session.

Side effects

The most common: dizziness, weakness, fatigue, insomnia, tremor, muscle hypertonicity, irritability, increased blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, decreased libido, accommodation disturbance.

Venlor withdrawal.

A sudden withdrawal of treatment, particularly after taking the drug in high doses, can cause the development of withdrawal syndrome, in connection with which a gradual reduction in dose is recommended before complete abolition of the drug. If Venlor is used at high doses for 6 weeks, it is recommended to reduce the dose for at least 2 weeks. The period required for lowering the dose depends on the dose and duration of therapy, as well as the individual patient’s sensitivity.

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