Why Drugs-365 deserves and gets a 5-star rating

Drugs-365 is a drug store that distributes drugs to customers all over the world. In fact, it can boast of more than 1 million customers all over the world. This is probably because the store distributes only FDA approved drugs. While you can be sure that the store’s drugs are original, it also means you can’t get any controlled drugs from them and from any of the stores that operate under them.

The fact that they don’t sell controlled drugs within their network makes it easy for them to offer drugs without prescriptions. Whether you need branded drugs or generic pills, you can get it from Drugs-365 as long as it is not controlled.

You have to be careful when dealing with a network of online pharmacies. A scammer can duplicate the website of any of the websites within the network and he will place it on his domain address. You will think you are dealing with a pharmacy. Once you make payment on the fraudulent website, your money is gone. So, it is better to take note of the domain address of the site you want to patronize.

Reviews on Drugs-365

One thing about Drugs-365 is that it has a lot of positive reviews and that should reinforce your trust in them. Some of the reviews have been outlined below. Three reviews have been selected randomly.

Barbara ordered their drugs from Sweden and she confirmed that the order came much earlier than she expected so she is very satisfied. Piter ordered their drugs from Italy and he was also impressed about their fast delivery. In fact, to show how impressed he was, he promised to order from Drugs-365 again soon. Sarah who is based in Spain also said the same thing about their quick delivery. They can’t all be wrong. Besides, they are based in different countries.

Sarah said something that requires mentioning. She said such great services are rare. This means that she must have patronized several other online pharmacies but did not get this wonderful service. In addition, Barbara said she is 100 percent satisfied with Drugs-365. These three reviews say it all. You should also remember that these are just some of the positive reviews. There are many more.

Source: http://drugs-365.com/testimonials

Drugs-365 offers simple layout

The best feature of a website is simplicity and ease of use. Drugs-365 offers this to their customers. Their website is designed in such a way that visitors can easily navigate through it. Without help, you will be able to locate your preferred drugs, add them to cart, and check out very easily. This is how every reliable website should be designed.

Search drugs alphabetically

To help you search for drugs faster, Drugs-365 has put two mechanisms in place. The alphabets under the navigation bar are for customers who do not know the full name of the drug they want but know the first letter of the name. So, if you know that the name of the drug you are looking for starts with letter D, just click on letter D and the list of all the drugs starting with letter D will pop up.

Drugs 365 Search bar

On the other hand, if you know the full name of the drug you want to order, just type it on the search bar and hit the enter button. You will be taken to the page that fully describes the drug. Isn’t it amazing? With the two mechanisms, searching will be 5 times faster. That is not all; as you type the name the system will try to auto-complete it for you to make your search even faster. Although Drugs-365 has hundreds of drugs, using the search mechanisms makes it easier for customers to search through their database of drugs.

Drugs-365 offers variety

This pharmacy network offers a wide variety of FDA-approved drugs. This is definitely worthy of mention. They offer FDA approved analgesics, skin care drugs, weight loss enhancers, sleeping aids, diabetes drugs, depression meds, drugs for erectile dysfunction and many more. Even at that, more drugs are still being ranged.

Concessions and coupon codes

Drugs-365 offers two 10 percent-discount coupon codes; IL-9158 and HZ-4725 and they can be found on a third party website. You need to enter the codes to earn the stipulated discount at checkout. In addition, for every order, you will get free pills. You even have the liberty to choose your free pills among Levitra, Viagra, and free Cialis.

Shipping Options and Free Bonus Pills

As if that is not enough, you can get free shipping if you hit certain threshold. Airmail shipping will deliver your order free if it exceeds $200 and EMS will do the same if your order exceeds $300.

Contact details

To resolve any issue or make enquiries, you can call Drugs-365 on +1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092. If the issue is not urgent, you can send them a mail and you will get a quick response. While some other pharmacies will hit you with several unsolicited mails on a regular basis, Drugs-365 never does that. You will only get an email from them about your yet-to-be delivered order.


It is also very important to let you know that Drugs-365 and its network have been in operation for the past 20 years and this enough is an indication of quality products and service. In addition, their drugs meet the highest standard. Finally, their delivery is fast and they also offer several concessions. What else could you ask for? Drugs-365 is getting a 5-star rating.