Lady-Era (Flibanserin): What You Need To Know

Also known as Flibanserin, Lady-Era is an FDA-approved drug that works on treating a women condition known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). If you’re currently experiencing low libido, Lady-Era is the right medication for you. The sex enhancement pills are manufactured to boost low sexual desires in women.

Why Lady-Era?

Is Flibanserin designed to restore female sexual desires? Some factors such as relationship matters and discomfort during sexual activities play a crucial role when it comes to women and desires. If you’re a woman who used to get high libido but you no longer have the impulse, Lady-Era is manufactured for you.


Flibanserin was explicitly introduced into the market to boost women sexual desire, especially the ones hitting the menopause. Being an ED treatment for women, the effectiveness of Lady-Era was highly questioned after the drug was approved and licensed by the FDA to trade in the US markets.

Recently, JAMA published a case study that indicated that HSDD affects more than 40% of women at a global level. This medication boosts women sexual desire up to 5 hours after being administered in the body. However, expect common side effects nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and sleepiness few hours after taking Lady-Era.

According to Dr. Woloshin Steven, an effective ED medication should boost ladies with wanting sexual desires without threatening the lives of the potential buyers. Woloshin also believes that future case studies should focus on women with underlying conditions and surgical menopause.

Unlike other sex enhancement pills, Lady-Era is available in the market in the form of tablets with 100 mg dosage strength.


Known to many as Lady-Era, Flibanserin is a sex enhancement drug for women available in the markets as blue pills. Although sleep deprivation and hot flashes are other conditions associated with low sexual desires in women, menopause is the primary reason. Don’t let low libido ruin your night. Lady-Era is available at your nearby over the counter pharmacy at a considerate and affordable price.