The active substance Azithromycin is a component of many modern drugs, sold at the pharmacy. The chemical formula of antibiotic of macrolide and azalide drugs is the safest for the patients’ use. They are less toxic than the other antibacterial drug, that’s why they are well tolerated by the patients.

Azithromycin is a broad-spectrum drug which calms and destroys different kinds of malignant bacteria, causal organisms, anaerobes and fungus. It affects the gram-positive and gram-negative organisms except those insensitive to erythromycin.

The important feature of Azithromycin is its resistance to the different chemical compositions of environment. For example, the antibiotic is well tolerated by the acidity, that’s why it is quickly dissolved in the digestive system. Moreover, the active substance is dissolved completely in the fat medium.

Azithromycin is prescribed by the diseases of varying severity, caused by the infectious agents: respiratory organs: the infection of all system departments: from throat to lungs (pneumonia, bronchitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis); otolaryngology organs (inflammatory- infectious process in nasal sinus, throat, and organ of hearing (sinusitis, otitis and pharyngitis); the inflammation of urino-genital organs (urethritis); skin integuments (erysipelas, infectious dermatitis, erythema, caused by spirochetes); digestive tract- diseases, caused by Heliobacter pylori; body infection by strain agents, sensitive to the medicine.

The drug with antibacterial component can be prescribed for the oral or intravenous administration. There is no single dose for all patients. Usually the dose of Azithromycin is prescribed by the doctor depending on the type of infection, severity of disease and of individual anatomic features of patient.

General recommendations for the use of Azithromycin

The drug is taken orally once a day. The dose for adults is from 0, 25 to 1 gr. of substance, and the child’s norm must be calculated from the following formula- 10 mg per every kg of body weight. It is necessary to remember that the oral drug intake must be realized 1 hour before the meal time or 2 hours after it.  If you buy Azithromycin it can’t be administered intramuscularly or intravenously with the syringe. The drug must be administered only with the medicine dropper. The process of administration must last no less than an hour. If the patient has accidentally missed the intake of Azithromycin, it is recommended to administer it intravenously or take the drug orally at any convenient time. And the second dose of antibiotic must be postponed and taken in a day.