Founded in 2004, is an online drug store that sells both branded and generic medications to its customers at reasonable prices. Over 200,000 worldwide orders have been fulfilled by this company since its inception. Customers who benefit from this online pharmacy’s medicines are normally from Europe, Canada, Singapore, India, and other parts of the world Wide Range Of Medications

When you purchase from this online pharmacy, you would be pleased to know that there’s a wide range of medications offered. These include famous ones such as Exforge, Ranexa, Geodon, Fucidin cream, and Betnovate among others. Saving Opportunity

The best part is that the medicines they offer are all reasonably priced. Let’s say, you need to buy Brimonidine Tartarate (Alphagan P drops generic medicine), you can get it at only $16. The most featured items in this website include Coenzyme Q10 softgels, FlexPen, and others. In general, you will be able to save up to 75% on popular brands when bought from

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If, in any way, you are not satisfied with the product you paid for, the online pharmacy would gladly refund the amount you paid to them. This is a great news, especially for customers who are dubious when it comes to shopping anything from the internet.

Customer Support

Whether you are looking to contact the online pharmacy through email, post, chat, live chat, or call – you would be pleased to know that they are available 24/7 to cater to your needs. Alternatively, you can simply fill a support form that you can access online, then forward any of your inquiries or concerns directly to them.

Payments And Shipping

You can make payments through credit card, international money order, or personal check. Within 10 to 21 days, you will receive the medicines you ordered from this online pharmacy no matter where you are in the world. The standard shipping prices apply, though. You will be charged US$12 for shipping. Reviews

It’s noteworthy that this online pharmacy puts high priority on what their customers are about to say about their products and services, most especially the feedback and reviews that they receive. This goes to show that value their customers. Another thing is that they are Bizrate certified and have garnered hundreds of reviews from their customers. Some of the things that the customers appreciate the most about this online pharmacy are the availability of medicines, quality of drugs, excellent customer services, and quick delivery that they offer.

One customer mentioned in a review that his experience with was nice becuase of the great products and exceptional staff. He also noted that the quick shipping made the experience even well-worth it. A few online groups even called this customer to switch to them. Even though these groups bad-mouthed Global Pharmacy Plus, the customer didn’t switch because of the good service he was getting.

Another customer emphasized that he was very satisfied with the reasonably priced medicines offered by this online pharmacy. He furthermore mentioned that his experiences with the company for almost two years were all good. He didn’t experience any problem, at all. The easy-to-order medicines and the on-time delivery, and savings he got with purchasing from Global Pharmacy Plus were well worth it.

In any services, there’s always room for improvement, though. One example was when one customer expressed his dissatisfaction when he had an inactive coupon code. The second one was when another customer had to cancel his order because a prescription was asked from her, regardless of the fact that the product she ordered was a non-prescription one. The third was an issue with invoice settlement. The issue was eventually resolved. 2014 Reviews

There are three significant reviews received by the online pharmacy in November of 2014. On the 24th, John showed his trust and confidence in the online pharmacy’s services when he ordered blood pressure medications alongside cholesterol and diabetic medications.

On the 11th, a client with JDC as his username mentioned that he had a problem with the coupon code ($10 off) that had sent him through email. When he tried using it, the website wouldn’t accept it. Other than this issue, the process of ordering from the online pharmacy was generally easy, he said.

On the 10th, another customer named John explained how annoyed he was when the online pharmacy’s representatives kept on calling him and asking for feedback. She said that this kind of event should not be experienced by any loyal customer.

Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy offers products that are at great prices, which gives you an opportunity to save. Here are some to mention:

– 80% Off – There’s an invaluable discount that you can get from this online pharmacy if you are looking to purchase drugs for osteoporosis. The discount can be up to 80%.

– Occasional Discounts – If you are a member of this online generic medicine pharmacy, you can get occasional discounts via email. They also share this with other independent coupon websites. One good example is the $10 off when ordering on the TENBR coupon code.


Overall, this company offers great products that are reasonably priced. What’s more is that it has an excellent online reputation with massive customer feedback. Even though we highly recommend this online pharmacy to everyone, they should make improvement on their customer service quality. Also, they should be able to train their staff not to sound annoying when retrieving customer response.