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A company that serves as a middleman between customers and medications, USARx.com’s mission is to make healthcare more affordable to everyone through its discount card program. The pharmacy discounts apply to anyone, from individuals with high co-pays or high deductibles, people with or without health insurance, to those with or without citizenship.

USARx.com Discount Card Program

If you are looking for prescription discounts and coupons, the simple and straightforward program of USARx.com is a great option. The discount card can be acquired directly through the website. All you need to do is sign up. There are no paperwork required, no deductibles, no maximums, and no claim forms. It is free and can later be printed for immediate use. Savings can on an average of 51%, and up to 75% on prescription medications.

Just to clarify, the discount card does not serve as an insurance so it doesn’t have any restrictions based on your health condition. It is a hassle free process of getting coupons for your prescription medications.

USARx.com 60,000 Participating Pharmacies

You would be pleased to know that you can choose from the 60,000 US-based participating pharmacies using your discount card to receive your prescription medications at discounted rates. USARx.com negotiated with the pharmaceutical benefit managers to get wholesale-priced discounts. This means that anytime you bring your discount card into one of the participating pharmacies, you can take advantage of the discount on your prescription medications, as authorized by the pharmacy.

USARx.com Easy-To-Navigate Site

The navigation through the website is user-friendly. It even has sections for organizations, seniors, employers, and individuals. You will notice the logos of some major pharmacy names in which the discount card can be accepted. When you look at the bottom of the website, it is stated that the company is headquartered in New York City. Also, a link on its Facebook page can be found. The Facebook page doesn’t have that much interactions with customers, but it does have 2,327 likes from people.

USARx.com Reviews 2015

Searching through the website’s pages, there are no testimonials or customer reviews that can be found. No record can also be found about the website in LegitScript.com. On ScamAdvisor.com, however, a low trust rating was given to USARx.com. The reason behind these is probably because an anonymous service was used for the site. The owner of the site must have done this to prevent spam.

Visiting through the company’s Facebook page, a testimonial from a customer can be found, saying that the offered discount card really does work.

USARx.com Coupons

The website does not need any links for customers to buy through them because it is a discount program itself.

USARx.com Conclusion

Signing up on USARx.com for a discount card is risk-free because the company does not directly sell anything to the customers, so it does not require customers to provide information that are extremely sensitive. The only details they get from you include your first name, last name, and email address. Once the sign up is done, you just need to use the discount card alongside your prescription to one of the registered pharmacies to receive your medication.

Although the website poses low risk to customers, and it’s has an excellent overall concept, it does not have actual testimonials and reviews from real customers.


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