Looking For a Reliable Online Pharmacy? Don’t Consider Leopharmarx.com

Leopharmarx.com is an online pharmacy that mainly sells generic medications. So, what is this store all about? Let’s take a deeper look. When shopping for generic meds online, the price is not the only consideration. Other crucial factors to consider are the genuineness of the medication and the legitimacy of the site selling the medication. With a sea of online pharmacies in the market today, finding a trustworthy online pharmacy could prove quite difficult. This is the case when browsing through Leopharmarx.com.

I decided to visit the About Us section of the site. I wanted to find out the kind of service offered on the site and the experience of the company when it comes to selling meds. To my disappointment, I learned almost nothing from this section. The site does not state the country from which it operates and the number of years it has operated. The information on the site was basically filler and fluff.

On the site, there were different drugs under different categories. Under the FAQ section, I was disappointed to find out that the section had been dedicated to Provigil, a popular sleep medication. The FAQ page should serve a completely different purpose.

I then decided to browse the medication under the Men’s Health section. Here, I went through various medicines for treating erectile dysfunction. As I was browsing, I discovered generic Viagra that was available in various doses and with different options to purchase. 20 pills of generic Viagra 100 mg retailed for $37 for new customers. Repeat customers were treated to the same medication for $34. Generic Levitra 100 mg retails for $44 for a pack of 20 pills for new customers. Repeat customers can get the same for $40. The site claims that the generic Viagra they sell is FDA-approved. It, however, does not mention FDA approval in the case of the generic Levitra.

Following further research, I found out that the site offers various payment options, including credit cards, money transfer services such as MoneyGram, E-cheques and digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Loyalty bonuses are awarded to buyers with each purchase, meaning future purchases will be cheaper.

Leopharmarx.com utilizes two methods of shipments: post registered, which is free, and express shipment, which costs $7. Express shipment orders are shipped within 8 days. Post registered orders are shipped within 21 days of ordering.

One very big advantage of this pharmacy is that it has a refund policy. Buyers can make a claim for a full refund for shipments that have been delayed, missed or damaged.

Online Reviews

Out of curiosity, I browsed the section on the site where online reviews are posted. A majority of the customers were based either in the US or Australia. All the reviews are by buyers who had purchased ED meds from the Men’s Health section.

In one review, a customer by the name Theodore T. Dye from Charleston, US, confessed that he does experience performance anxiety during sex. However, with the generic Viagra he bought from the online pharmacy, he was able to completely overcome this problem.

In another review, a customer by the name Ernest A. Sanchez from the US shared how his sex life and that of his partner had suffered due to sexual health issues. With the help of the meds from Leopharmarx.com, they were able to get their groove back.

Reviews 2016

LegitScrpit has classified this site as rogue. This is because the practices of this online pharmacy are not per the required standards. For example, the site does not provide information on its location. Also, it sells prescriptive medication without asking for prescriptions.

The online pharmacy also rates poorly on ScamAdvisor. This site is probably from Russia, like most other scam pharmacies. This would explain the lack of reviews and the low number of purchases from the site.


It is clear that Leopharmarx.com does not want to disclose its location, how long it has operated and the origin of its meds. The FAQ section lacks helpful information that would guide one in making an informed choice.